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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Macao and Zhuhai Signed Framework Agreements for Sports Cooperation

The 2017 Zhuhai-Macao Cooperation Conference was held on 26 July in Macao. The Deputy Secretary of Zhuhai Municipal Committee and Mayor of Zhuhai, Li Zhezhong, and the Secretary for Economy and Finance of the Macao SAR Government, Leong Vai Tac jointly directed the conference and presented thematic speeches. In the conference, Macao and Zhuhai signed the “Framework Agreement for Cooperation in Tourism between Zhuhai Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and the Macao SAR Government Tourism Office”, the “Framework Agreement for Cooperation in Sports between Zhuhai Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and the Macao SAR Government Sports Bureau”, the “Agreement for Cultural Cooperation and Exchange between Zhuhai Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau and the Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau”, and the “Cooperation Agreement between the Zhuhai Statistics Bureau and the Macao SAR Government Statistics and Census Bureau”.
In accordance with the Framework Agreement for Cooperation in Sports, Macao and Zhuhai will further reinforce the mutual exchange and cooperation in the area of sports, so as to actualize mutual complementary advantages, resource sharing, and information exchange, and advance the coordinated development in sports-related affairs and industries of both cities.
The content of the cooperation agreements include: Establishing a communication and coordination mechanism between the two cities; Creating conditions which facilitate the exchange and cooperation between the two cities' sports associations and organizations, so as to carry out sports activities for the mass in the society; Advancing the works associated with the supervision of citizens' physical fitness and instructions on physical exercises; Illustrating both cities' respective advantages in personnel, financial capacity, materials and sports pavilions associated with competitive sports; Mutually facilitating and supporting the coordinated development of sports-related industries in both cities; Utilizing the media platforms of Zhuhai and Macao to report on sports activities held in both cities; Creating an active atmosphere for sports in both cities; Making use of both cities' resources devoted to sports development; Exploring the possibility of jointly hosting sports events that can have influence on the international community.