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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Wong Chin Wa makes great progress in the Triathlon

Over the two years, the name Wong Chin Wa is always shown in the local junior triathlon competitions. He receives much attention in the field of triathlons. The performance of the superb new star is not only recognized by all the seniors, he was also selected to the mixed-level training team. Having trained together with senior members such as Hoi Long, Kuok Chi Wai and Chiu Weng Chon, he achieved even more excellent results. As the 2018 Asian Games is approaching, Wong Chin Wa has a clear focus. He hopes to gain the chance to compete in the Asian Games and witness the high-level athletes in the world of triathlon. 

Two years ago, Wong Chin Wa started to be engaged in triathlons, which was introduced by his school teacher Chong Chi Seak. He can never forget that experience after doing triathlon for the first time: “I know that teacher Chong Chi Seak is an athlete in the Macao Triathlon. Moreover one of my peers from the same primary school also joined the team. Thus I wanted to try and know more about this activity. It is very interesting to do all the three things: swimming, cycling and running one after another. That experience motivated me to continue making progress.” However, Wong Chin Wa also admitted that at the beginning he was lazier in training, “In the first year I did not practice triathlon very hard, but after several competitions, my results have become better gradually. Thus I started to have a wish to do beyond what I can do and outperform my seniors. That became my motive to make progress.” 

Having started the career for the short two-year period, Wong Chi Wa had gained many opportunities to compete in places other than Macao. In particular, a world-class competition triggered his will to be better significantly, “For me, participating in a world cup grand final is a valuable experience in competitions. At that time I was the youngest participant among all competitors. I lagged behind even in the swimming section, and it was the time I really realized that my level could never be compared with other competitors. Finally I could not even complete the whole competition. After this competition, I decided to enhance my ability in swimming, in the hope that I can catch up with other competitors.” 

Despite being appreciated by the seniors in the field of triathlon, Wong Chin Wa thought that he should still make more effort, “In fact I do not have much potential and I did not work hard during training at the beginning. I could not even have made a little breakthrough today without the encouragements from teacher Chong Chi Seak and my peers.” Wong Chin Wa's goal is very clear. It is to strive to gain the qualification to compete in the Asian Games in the coming year. “Participating in the Asian games is currently my greatest wish. So far I do not have a long-term goal, as I would like to focus on the current and immediate goal. I hope that I can actualize my wish in a step-by-step manner.”