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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Leong Tong Hoi Strives to Gain Honor

The 19-year-old hockey player, Leong Tong Hoi, gained brilliant results this year. He first led the school team of Kao Yip as the leader and won the champion 11 consecutive times. After that, they won against the traditionally strong team Iao Lok. Together with the members from the association Palmeiras, they became the champion of the competition. Leong Tong Hoi, who is about to study in university, claimed that he is willing to stay in Macao and keep competing in hockey - the sport he loves. He aims to gain honours for the Macao team. 

In the school team, he is the trump card and the most important player. In the association, he is an official player and an important player responsible for making offense. Leong Tong Hoi, who has “dual identities”, admitted that he had been inspired and made progress as he played different roles, “The school team was restructured last year. I gained lots of experience in leading the team over the two years. I learned how to make the team more united and maintain high morale. Palmeiras will strive to demonstrate their ability to make offense and be organized. In the Macao Cup final this year, we could shoot an important 8-second-rolling-hockey to help the team gain the champion. For me, that was of great encouragement.” 

Leong Tong Hoi, as the current striker in both the junior team and the official team, has been engaged in training actively over the years. He hoped that in the future he would gain the champion for Palmeiras in the league competition. He will also join the competitions held in other places on behalf of Macao, in order to broaden the horizon and increase his experience in competitions. His final objective is to gain honour for Macao, “The Macao hockey team does not have many opportunities to compete in other places. There are only several competitions being held regularly every year, such as Hong Kong-Macao inter-regional competitions. Therefore, I will cherish each opportunity to fight in a competition, hoping that I can do more to help Macao win the champion.”