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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
New stars showcased their strength in the Macao Youth Martial Arts Competition

The 23rd Macao Youth Martial Arts Competition was held on 8 and 9 April at Tap Seac Pavilion. During the competition, champions in sequence of movements for international competitions, traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts Challenge in 90 groups were found. In the competition, there was no lack of Macao team members who had won medals in World Youth Championship and Asia Youth Championship. Their performance ensured a high-quality competition. Another emphasis of the competition was that the selection of participants in two international championships: “The 9th Asian Youth Championship” and “The 7th World Traditional Martial Arts Championship” was based on the results of this competition. A large group of new force tried the best to compete. 

Wong Kui Sin, who specializes in Tai Chi boxing, and fencing, has become the leading figure in the youth team. He fulfilled his wish by winning 2 medals in the Macao Youth Championship this year. Having won medals in the World Youth Championship and Asian Youth Championship, he said: “There is a period of time before the Asian Youth Championship, so there is still time the level of sequence of movements to be upgraded gradually. Finally, now it is my turn to get ready to be upgraded to the senior group. I hope that I can enjoy this Asian Youth Championship.”

Cheung Ioi Chit showcased his high level performance in the Youth Championship. He mastered both southern-style broadsword and southern-style cudgel. He won the gold medals by being awarded over 9 points by judges. Additionally he also won the champion in southern-style boxing. With 3 gold medals he has a higher chance for being selected as participant in the Asian Youth Championship: “I won silver medals in Group B and Group C in the World Youth Championship, but the best result that I could get the Asian Youth Championship was the fourth. Yet I think winning medals is not the most important. I would like to try my best to perform well in each round in a serious manner, and enjoy every second when being on the stage. 

After Sou Cho Man, the member from the Women's team who performed the best in recent years is Wong Sum In. She won two medals in Group B in the World Youth Championship, bringing a new hope in Macao's martial arts field. Not only does she have a high chance of being selected as participant in Asian Youth Championship. Wong Sum In, as a senior member, will lead her juniors to fight in the preliminary in the secondary group of students' competition, at the end of this month. She said: “I am in good conditions. I hope that I can perform the best in the students' competition, but I should avoid getting injured. I am now focusing on Asian Youth Championship.”

In addition, the “21st Macao Tai Chi Boxing and Weapon Competition” was held from 10 to 14 April at Tap Seac Pavilion. Macao Yiu Wa Sports Club, Macao Noi Ka Kun Gymnastic Association, and Chan's style Tai Chi Gymnastic Association were the best three in the competition this year. The winners could be found only at the last stage of the competition. Yiu Wa Sports Club won gold medals in the women's open group in two key events: performance with optional traditional weapons, and collective performance with weapons. Finally they ranked the first place in the medal standings with the outstanding result of 10 golds, 4 silvers, and 5 bronzes. Macao Noi Ka Kun Gymnastic Association and Chan's style Tai Chi Gymnastic Association ranked the second and the third respectively, with 8 golds, 10 silvers and 3 bronzes; and 8 golds, 6 silvers and 5 bronzes respectively.