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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
2 rounds of intense competition in a long distance running league

The Sports Bureau and the General Association of Athletics of Macau co-organized a long distance running league. In total, there are 4 rounds a year. 2 rounds of competition were held on March 12 and May 17. The first round, of which the total distance was 9 km, attracted 913 participants. A runner from Hong Kong, Gi Ka Man, defeated local runners by a landslide with the shortest time of 29 minutes 10 seconds. He won the championship of the Men's Open Group. Ng Ieong Ieong won the championship of the Women's Open Group with 36 minutes 37 seconds. The second round, of which the total distance was 8 km, was even more intense. A Hong Kong runner of the Men's Open Group, Yu Hin Wa and the famous Macao runner in Men's Senior Group, Iao Kuan Un, had been competing from the start to the end. In the last section of the route, Yu Hin Wa strove hard and was crowned champion with 25 minutes 52 seconds and became the fastest runner of the round. Iao Kuan Un fell behind by less than 10 seconds, and crossed the finish line as the first runner-up and was crowned champion in the Senior Group.

Iao Kuan Un performed well in two rounds; Ng Ieong Ieong took the championship again in Women's Group

The first round of the long distance running league started at 7:30 am on March 12. It started at Avenida Marginal Flor de Lótus, passed through Rotunda da Harmonia, Estrada de Seac Pai Van, Rotunda da Concórdia and switched back to Rotunda da Piscina Olímpica, Avenida dos Jogos da Ásia Oriental, and finally returned to Avenida Marginal Flor de Lótus, where the finish line was located. The Hong Kong runner Gi Ka Man finished the competition of 9 km with the shortest time, 29 minutes 10 seconds. He was followed by the Macao local runner Iao Kuan Un, and was crowned champion in the Men's Senior Group. Iao was half a minute slower than Gi. Hoi Long had gone to Hong Kong for the Triathlon, and therefore she was absent for the first round of competition. Ng Ieong Ieong stood out of the crowd of the Women's Open Group. With 36 minutes 37 seconds, she overcame her previous record and won the champion.

The second round of the long distance running league is an 8 km run which tests the speed and the endurance of the participants. The participants started from Praça do Lago Sai Van, passed through Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, switched back and entered Avenida da República and Rua de S. Tiago da Barra, finally returned to Praça do Lago Sai Van to cross the finish line. This competition, which took place when it was raining lightly, featured in the battle between Yu Hin Wa and Iao Kuan Un. With an age gap of more than 10 years, Yu and Iao belong to different groups. Both of them sprinted at the beginning section of the route and left far behind the second company group, which Chan Chan Kit belonged to. At the last section of road, Yu finally overtook his opponent and became the fastest runner of the whole round. He was crowned champion of the Open Ground with 25 minutes 54 seconds. Iao, who came the second, won the Men's Senior Group with 26 minutes and 02 seconds. Chan was the first runner-up of the Open Group with 27minutes 57seconds. Luk Chong Leng was the second runner-up of the Open Group with 28minutes 14 seconds.

As for the Women's Open Group, Ng Ieong Ieong, who is good at long distance running, had an outstanding performance in the 8 km section. She was crowned champion again after the first round with 33minutes 49 seconds. Wong San San with less than a minute difference, 34minutes 12seconds, took the first runner-up.  Chan Hoi Lam was the second runner-up with 28 minutes 14 seconds.