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2013 / NO.2
2013 / NO.2
Application for Summer Activities 2013

Application for Summer Activities 2013 was successfully completed during May 25th  28th . Children and teenagers aged from 4 to 25 are eligible to participate in the wide range of summer activities, which are divided into two main categories, namely, sports activities organized by the Macao Sport Development Board, and cultural and recreational activities by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau.

Coordinated with sports associations and organizations, the Macao Sport Development Board opened 116 sports activities to the public, in a total of 735 classes and 23,172 quotas. The Summer Activities program not just allows each sports association to cultivate their new impetus to stars, but also  enriches the youth’s off-campus life.

The main theme of this year’s sports activities is “Experience Life and Sports Fun”, hence there are 9 out of the new 17 items are sports-themed camps which are designed mainly to let teenagers gain various life experiences and have fun in sports, while at the same time they can also experience our aim of “Sports for All - Let’s Exercise for a Better Health”. Among them, there are three highlighted series of activities, namely, the Guangdong-Macao Youth Cultural Exchange Sports Camp, the Guangdong Green Bike Tour and the Theme Training Camp.

New sport activities added this year include: water sports experience tour, fancy basketball, hockey skating, windsurfing, advanced boxing, orienteering, advanced jump rope, and dedicated courses designed specifically for people with hearing impairment such as  mini basketball, resilience training camp, hiking, green bike tour (Guangdong), water sports experience camp (Hong Kong), challenge camp (Hong Kong), survival training camp (Guangdong), summer basketball camp (Guangdong), summer football camp (Guangdong) and summer badminton camp (Guangdong).

For cultural and recreational activities, there were in total of 247 activities providing 26,653 quotas to the public. Of the activities, some were newly added, for example, Study Tour – Pursuit of Dream and Education, Portuguese Bride Dolls, Knitting Machinery – Mexican Cloak, Computer Magic Wardrobe, Tablet Assembly and Application, DIY Remote Control Cars, Mechanist in Land, Sea & Air, Creative Cube Engineer, Hand-painted Decorative Projects, Abstract Painting, Digital Piano, DIY Creative T-shirt, Cantonese for Foreign Children, Time Travel to Toy Shop, Expert in Event Planning and Parenthood Hairstyle Design etc.

The four-day registration for this year’s summer activity program was conducted smoothly, more than 19,023 people signed up for the program and in a total of some 34,171 people (i.e. quotas) completed their registration, with enrollment rate reached 88.81% (as a percentage of quotas available in the venue).