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2013 / NO.2
2013 / NO.2
The 2013 Spring “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition

The Macao Sport Development Board has been committed to publicize and promote Sport for All in organizing various types of sports activities, hence to create more opportunities for public participation, also to encourage the public to actively take part in physical exercises to enhance their health condition. The “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition was jointly organized since October 2009 by the Macao Sport Development Board and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, in partnership with the Macao-China Basketball Association and the Macao Football Association, which was well-received and supported by many ball game lovers.

 “Free Sports Ground” was, as always, vigorously supported by the public. This five-week competition took place on every Sunday from April 21 to May 19, which included the two ball games – basketball and football competitions. Participants were divided into the youth, the junior and the open groups. For better preparation, they all arrived earlier to warm-up; on site, you could also find people engaging in the game, showing their talents, giving full play to the team spirit and getting themselves all into the games, it was so intense and exciting that the activity attracted many people surrounded and watched. Responses were overwhelmed with 502 teams and 2008 players in total. The organizers preserved the youth group in this year’s game purposely to cultivate the youth’s interest in sports and knowledge on ball-game, and thereby provided an opportunity for sports associations to pick their talents – the foundation of future basketball and football development.

Through “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition, residents are encouraged to participate more in sports activities during leisure time, hence to increase their interest in sports and form a life-long participation in sports. Not only shall their health quality be improved, the unique sports culture of Macao shall also be sustained whereas a platform for the public is created for people to build friendship, foster community integration, compete  skills, and to be always in the teamwork spirit. Our dearest Macao, let’s exercise for a better health!