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    • Sport-Health Advisory Station
    • Date: 2018/02/11
    • Time: 07:00 ~ 11:00
    • Location: Parque Urbano da Areia Preta (atrás do Centro de Saúde)
    • Details:

      More and more Macao residents are conducting physical exercises by utilising facilities such as parks and health walk trails. Such voluntary activities can easily lead to unnecessary injury, given the absence of professional guidance. As a result, since 14th April 2009 MSB has initiated ‘Sports and Health Consultation Service Point' on every Sunday mornings or evenings, in public places where residents often voluntarily conduct physical exercises. The Service Point provides morning exercisers with messages regarding sport and callisthenic activities, including:

      Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes - demonstration and experience:. Instructors of Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes conduct demonstrations and invite interested morning exercisers to experience the activities for themselves. This seeks to enable the public to experience different sports and the fun of sporting activity, thereby building an environment in which more residents are accustomed to exercising.

      Health Consultation Services: provide exercising residents with health examination (blood pressure, heart rate, body weight), health information (such as eating habits) and professional sports plans and suggestions (type of sport and exercise intensity), in order for all morning exercisers to exercise via more scientific, effective and safer means.

      Disseminating messages of Sport for All activities: The Bureau disseminates messages about sport for all activity - including information about mass sports and callisthenic courses plus information about other sports activities and health information - to all morning exercisers.


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