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Sports Bureau accepts individual application of swimming coaching activities starting tomorrow at D. Bosco College Sports Centre - Swimming Pool

To response to the public of various form of swimming exercises, Sports Bureau has designated sessions at D. Bosco College Sports Centre - Swimming Pool to allow swimming coaching activities upon individual application. The designated sessions for swimming coaching activities are 18:00-19:00 and 19:00-20:00 on every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. The period for each coaching session is one hour and each round of coaching activity is two months (i.e.: Mar-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Aug, etc.). Each applicator can bring a maximum of two learners to enter the swimming pool.

Applicator is required to be of age 18 or above and should submit a copy of certificate in teaching swimming training course and Macao residential ID card together with the application form which can be downloaded from Sports Bureau website or obtained at the Sports Bureau Headquarter in person. Application for next round of coaching activities opens on the first working day on even months (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec) and up to four sessions are allowed during the first ten working days; Sports Bureau will announce remaining quota(s) after the first 10 working days on the official website. For those who have submitted application can apply for sessions from the remaining quota and up to 6 sessions are allowed for each round of activity. For those who have not submitted application for that round, only 4 sessions are allowed from the remaining quota.

Application of coaching activities in March and April 2024 starts tomorrow (1st Feb). Application form and other required documents should be submitted to Sports Bureau Headquarter during office hour for approval. Approval procedures will be started only when required documents are completed. Sports Bureau will notify the applicator of the application result by SMS. Relative fee of charge shall be made at Sports Bureau within five working days after the day of receiving the result notification. Overdue payment will lead to the release of the quota.

Fee of Charge

One applicator and one learner

(two users in total)

MOP 60 /per hour

One applicator and two learners

(three users in total)

MOP 75/ per hour

When entering the pool, successful applicator must present Macao residential ID card (original/copy/electronic identity) for authentication and then the applicator and learners will be given a wristband to be worn at all time when using the pool.

For further details, please browse Sports Bureau website or call hotline 2823 6363 during office hour.


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