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Mong-Ha Sports Centre Opening in Stages for Public Use on 2nd December

Mong-Ha Sports Centre operated by the Sports Bureau is opening to the public in phases on 2nd December (Thursday). Among the first batch of facilities to launch are badminton courts and table tennis rooms on the 2nd floor, basketball courts on the 4th floor, and rooftop leisure area with jogging trail. Online booking can be made 7 days in advance for these facilities starting from 5:00pm on 1st December through the Bureau’s official website while booking can be made 7 days in advance on 2nd December through mobile app. On-the-spot booking for instant use is also available at the Mong-Ha service counter on 2nd December.

In response to the epidemic control and prevention measures, number of visitors will be limited by arranging quotas at Mong-Ha Sports Centre and online reservation is recommended to facilitate easier exercising planning for all residents. Meanwhile, the rooftop leisure area will be provided on a two-hour-session basis, with a maximum of 50 persons allowed per session. Interested parties can get a free individual QR code entry ticket upon registration at the reception desk and use the rooftop during selected session. For detailed operating hours and fees of sports facilities inside Mong-Ha Sports Centre, please refer to the appendix below.

Being a five-floor building, Mong-Ha Sports Centre houses different sports facilities on each floor. Therefore, admission by a valid ticket receipt is required for all users to effectively streamline visitors and enhance venue management. When reservation has been successfully made, hirers will be given a ticket receipt (electronic or paper) designed with two QR Codes, “Entry and Exit of Facilities” and “Obtain Facilities”. By presenting the “Entry and Exit of Facilities” code for the first time, hirers and companions can access to corresponding floor where the rented facility locates 30 minutes before the appointment. Then, hirer is required to show the “Obtain Facilities” code and valid ID for registration 15 minutes prior to the appointment. After successful registration, hirers and companions can enter the venue by scanning the “Entry and Exit of Facilities” code one more time.

 Precautionary measures will be continuously and strictly implemented to prevent the risk of epidemic infection. Users are required to wear masks properly inside the venue, check body temperature and present "Macao Health Code" at the entrance. Number of participants at sports facilities will be limited to avoid gathering of crowds. Stepped-up cleansing and disinfection will also be enforced. The Sports Bureau calls on the public to jointly fight against the disease by maintaining good personal and environmental hygiene and keeping indoor social distance when using sports facilities.

In the first phase of the opening of Mong-Ha Sports Centre, the Sports Bureau will continue to gather views from the community for timely review and improvement on venue operation and user experience. For more information about other sports facilities, please visit the Sports Bureau's website or call the hotline 2823 6363 for inquiries.


Sports Bureau



First Batch of Sports Facilities to Launch


Quantity Available for Appointment

Quantity for Instant Use

Limited number of Users


(per hour)


Opening Hours

Badminton Court



6 pax


Monday to Sunday


Table Tennis Room



6 pax


Basketball Court



20 pax


Rooftop Leisure Area



50 pax


Monday to Sunday



1st  Session: 10:00-12:00

2nd Session: 12:00-14:00

3rd Session: 14:00-16:00

4th Session: 16:00-18:00

5th Session: 18:00-20:00

6th Session: 20:00-22:00