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ID assists sports venues in obtaining “Visit Record (Venue QR Code)

In order to comply with the anti-epidemic measures of the Macao SAR Government, according to regulations from the Health Bureau, bodybuilding or workout gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor sports venues in Macao are required to display “Visit Record (Venue QR Code)” and remind people to scan the code before entering the venues. For entrants who are unable to use “Macao Health Code” mobile application to record their visits, venues should provide “retrodigitization” function and reverse scan their health code. The Sports Bureau (ID) have already displayed the Venue QR Code at sports facilities under its administration. In addition, bodybuilding or workout gymnasiums that are authorized by ID through prior notification have been contacted to implement the Venue QR Code arrangement.

According to the regulations of Decree-Law No. 47/98/M, any activities of venues related to the business of bodybuilding or workout gymnasiums regulated in item c) under provision 1 of Article 12, should make prior notification to ID by submitting Form A attached to Decree-Law No. 47/98/M and other relevant documents at least ten days before start of business. Eligible bodybuilding or workout gymnasiums that have not submitted the prior notification as regulated are reminded to contact ID as soon as possible to apply relevant business authorization. ID will assist these venues in generating Venue QR Code accordingly.

ID urges those bodybuilding or workout gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor sports venues that are conform with Decree-Law No. 47/98/M to call 8796 5409 or 8796 5442 during office hours as soon as possible in order to obtain and display Venue QR Code and work together to enforce anti-epidemic measures in Macao community.

For latest information on anti-epidemic measures and Venue QR Code, please visit Health Bureau website: