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Reopening of Sport Facilities on 12 October and Reimbursement of Pool Passes

The swimming pools under the Sports Bureau were seriously damaged during the typhoon and were closed to the public due to the safety of pool users. After the repair works and the pool water test was conducted by the IACM, the Estoril Swimming Pool will be reopened to the public from October 12 (Thursday) and on the same day, the Gateball Field of Sports Ground on Avenida do Comendador Ho Yin will also be reopened.

As for holders of the monthly, quarterly and seasonal passes who have been affected due to the typhoon "Hato", the Sports Bureau will take special measures for reimbursement, from which calculation will be based on the number of days of closure of the respective pool.  Applicants need to go in person or through an authorized representative, from 16 October to 30 November 2017, from 9:00 am to 8:00 the service counter at the Tap Seac MultiSports Pavilion for relevant procedures (request for reimbursement will not be considered after the application deadline). In addition, applicants should take notice of:

  • Apply in person: the original of the pass and the applicant's identification document must be presented for verification purposes;
  • Apply through authorized representative: the representative must be at the age of 18 or above, an original plus a copy of the representative’s identification document, and the applicant's pass (monthly/quarterly/seasonal pass) must be presented. The applicant must fill in the letter of authorization which could be download at or as provided from the Estoril Swimming Pool, Dr. Sun Iat Sen Swimming Pool, Hac-Sa Park Swimming Pool and Carmo Swimming Pool.
  • For minors under the age of 12, application should be made by the guardian. A copy of the child's and the guardian’s identification document must be submitted and the guardian must present the original of the pass and the guardian’s identification document for verification.

Please visit the website of Sports Bureau or call our hotline 2823 6363 for information.