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2012 / NO.1
2012 / NO.1
2012 First Quarter “Sport for All Days”

Macao Sport Development Board conducts “Sport for All Day” activities at different public sports and recreational facilities or parks throughout Macao every month. Since its inception, it has been well-received by the public with ever eager participants. This year’s “Sport for All Days” in the first quarter were held at the Leisure Area between Wang Hoi and the Wang Kin Buildings in Fai Chi Kei and the Iao Hon Market Park respectively.

Through a series of demonstration of several different sports by the instructors and students of the Sport for All Fitness and Recreational Classes, along with different types of leisure and recreation activities with prizes such as gateball, basketball, shuttlecock kicking, badminton,  Taiji softball (Rouliqiu), rope skipping, squash, chess and fitness hula hoop, the “Sport for All Days” allow residents to feel the joy of exercising, deepen their understanding of the sports activities, as well as inspire them to gain a passion for exercising, carry out better physical exercise, and strengthen the body’s immune system.

The public was very enthusiastic in their participation of these “Sports for All Days”, which attracted approximately 6,000 participants to jointly “Exercise for a Better Health”.