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2012 / NO.1
2012 / NO.1
2011 “Macao Sports” Photography Competition Award Ceremony

In order to allow the public to experience the joy of sports in different ways, increase public understanding of sports, promote its development, as well as demonstrate the vigor in sport and struggle of competition, splendid, wholesome, joyous and exciting sport scenes are captured permanently via the camera lens. Through the interpretation of these photographic scenes, we can appreciate the beauty of sports and integrate sports culture into our lives. An exhibition of the works from the 2011 ”Macao Sports ” Photography Competition, organized by the Macao Sport Development Board alongside the Photographic Society of Macao, was held at the lobby of the Tap Seac Multi-sport Pavilion. The opening and awards ceremonies took place on February 16th.

The competition was divided into two photographic themes: “Heroes and Competitions” with competitive sports as its focal point and “Fitness Smile” with Sports for All as its subject. Photography lovers captured beautiful moments and the splendid joy of exercising from different angles, with wonderful images recording titbits of sports competition and activities and depicting frames and frames of unforgettable portrayals of life. The organizers received a total of 608 works. In addition, and so as to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Macao International Marathon, the “Macao Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon” Photography Competition was held last year where 180 works were received. The works were on public display at the lobby of the Tap Seac Multi-sport Pavilion between February 16th and March 25th.

List of winners for the “Macao Sports” Photography Competition:

“Fitness Smile”

Champion: Tang Chan Seng

1st Runner-up: Tang Kai Lon

2nd Runner-up: Kuok Kim Va

Merit Award: Kuok Kim Va, Vong Hoi Veng, Tang Kai Lon, Tang Chan Seng


“Heroes and Competitions”

Champion: Kuok Kim Va

1st Runner-up: Ho Kin Yip

2nd Runner-up: Lok Wai Keung

Merit Award: Kuok Kim Va, Chan Koi Meng, Lam Sao Wa, Tang Chan Seng


List of winners of the “Macao Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon Photography Competition”:

“Set a new milestone”

Champion: Mak Heng Kin

1st Runner-up: Kuok Kim Va

2nd Runner-up: Cheong Chan Hong

Merit Award: Lok Wai Keong, Cheong Chan Hong, Mak Heng Kin