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2012 / NO.1
2012 / NO.1
Macao sports delegation participated in the “12th National Winter Games”

The 12th National Winter Games were held in the Chinese city of Changchun, located in Jilin Province on January 3rd, 2012. A total of 43 delegations from China’s provinces, municipalities, districts, as well as the People’s Liberation Army and Professional Sports Federations, and from the Hong Kong and Macao SARs took part in this edition of the National Winter Games.

The National Winter Games are China’s large-scale comprehensive national winter tournament. With “harmony, progress, civilization and development” as its aim, this edition of the National Winter Games featured events comprising 5 sports, 12 disciplines and 105 categories including short track speed skating, speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, curling and cross-country skiing. This is also the first time all 16 winter projects of the National Winter Games were included. This edition contained the most number of delegations, competition projects and medal counts ever seen in the National Winter Games. 

Macao sent a Sports Delegation comprising 24 athletes to participate in the ice hockey event of the National Winter Games. During the competition, our athletes defied their strong opponents, playing at their best level with an indomitable spirit of optimism. In competition and through exchanges with their counterparts, the team enhanced the level of their play and skills.

Finally, the organizer presented sportsmanship awards to the various sports delegations of Mainland China and the Macao Special Administrative Region was presented with a Participation Award. The 13th National Winter Games will be held in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in four years.