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2012 / NO.1
2012 / NO.1
Editor’s Note

The Lunar New Year of the Dragon has arrived, bringing about a new period of peace and prosperity. During the Lunar New Year Festival, Macao is full of scenes of lively jubilation. The “Infinite Joy in the Year of Dragon” recreational and sports activities provided a festive cheer to New Year’s celebrations. Through the scenes depicted in this edition of “Macao Sports”, let us immerse in the joyous atmosphere of the Lunar New Year Festivities. 

Last year, Macao athletes won honors through hard work and achieving successes time and time again in international competitions. To commend these athletes and coaches who achieved excellent results, the Macao SAR Government awarded bonuses to 81 athletes and coaches and certificates of merit to 327 athletes and coaches. Let us relive these exciting moments and share in the joy of their successes together.

The 20th Asian Table Tennis Championships were held in Macao for the first time. This is the most important international high-level table tennis competition held in Macao this year in which the elite Asian players of the current international table tennis circuit participated. Readers can relive the highlights of this event through the current issue.

In addition, Macao also organized the 2012 Thomas and Uber Cups Preliminaries Round Asia Zone and sent a delegation to participate in the 12th National Winter Games, each of which will be described to our readers in this issue.

Photography lovers capture the dynamics sports activities from different angles, with wonderful pictures which record unforgettable moments in sports competitions and activities. Through these photos let us experience once again the joy of sports.

The focal point of this issue of “Sport for All” is the “Women’s Sports Carnival”. It is hoped that this activity will encourage society to value and pay attention to the promotion of women’s physical and mental health through sports. A new record of participants was recorded for this year’s event so together let us join in and share the joy of this activity.

This edition of “Insight on Sport Science” will introduce readers to the causes of “Food Intolerance”, as well as “Understanding pain-killers to prevent misuse”. Through these articles, readers will be able to gleam more relevant knowledge on nutrition and proper use of medicine so as to avoid any misunderstanding.

Finally, with the arrival of the New Year, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and happy blessings to the readers of “Macao Sport”. I hope through “Macao Sport”, our readers could get involve with every aspect of Macao’s sporting community and jointly promote the development of sports in Macao.