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2010 / NO.4
2010 / NO.4
Advantages of Sports to Women

Result of a study group from Canada has been published in the latest version of the American Geriatrics Society Journal. The study group has inquired 9,300 old women through questionnaires to understand their exercising habits at different age stages in relations to developing Alzheimer’s disease: exercising before age 18, at age 30, age 50 and after entering old-age.

The study result shows that at each stage, women can lower their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease with more physical exercises. Effects are even better and more obvious if they exercise frequently before the age of 18. After entering the old-age, this group of women will have a 30% reduced rate of developing Alzheimer’s disease than others.

Researchers who are responsible for the study suggest that instead of doing exercises after entering old-age, women should start doing exercises when they are young. As similar study for men has not yet been carried out, thus at the moment, the above conclusion is merely applicable to women.

Meanwhile, numerous medical reports prove that women have more incidence of osteoporosis mainly because of menopause, estrogen and menstruation. That calcium absorption declines with advancing age and adults lose 1% of calcium every year. The loss rate for women is even higher due to menstruation. However, the loss rate can be diminished to 0.6% through doing physical exercises. Therefore, doing physical exercises can help protect women from osteoporosis.

It is proven that in addition to benefit our body and our mind, doing physical exercises can help reduce women’s chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis after entering old-age.