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2010 / NO.4
2010 / NO.4
Editor’s Note

2010, Macao has witnessed a year of prosperity in terms of its sport achievement at the 16th Asian Games, the Macao Sports Delegation won their first gold medal, which turned a new page in the history and fulfilled a dream lasting two decades. Together we would like to share the joy with our readers, and to recollect all the wonderful and memorable sport moments. 

Through the “Sport for All” column readers can relish those scenes of the whole region celebrating the anniversary of the Handover on December 20, and experience the harmonious atmosphere of the “Running for the World Walking Day”.

This time in “Sports and Recovery” we will briefly introduce athletes’ stress fracture, and readers can thus comprehend the causes and prevention measures for it.

It’s very important to ensure that citizens are using the facilities safely and major events are held smoothly. Readers can access further information in the “Public Sports Facilities Network” column.

Crossing the threshold of 2011, the year of “co-existence of opportunities and challenges”, we will continue to promote and strengthen policies for sports-for-all; to encourage more citizens to take part in sports; to support the development of sport general associations in all aspects; to establish multifunctional training center for the cultivation of excellent sports talents and facilitate the development of competitive sports professionalization; to keep improving the management of sports facilities and constructing high quality sports spaces. Moreover, through the organization of international sports events and international multi-lateral cooperation , to further enhance the development of Macao’s sports industry. So together, let’s grab the opportunities and persistently work together for a better tomorrow.

At last, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the readers for their  support and encouragement to our job. In the future, we will continue to fulfill the vision of Macao Sports, to work hard on promoting the development of Macao sports.