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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
Macao Sport Development Board Renames Affiliated Sports Facilities

Since its establishment, the Macao SAR Government has placed great emphasis on the quality of residents’ health by continuously expanding sports space for the public and enriching and improving sports facilities in Macao. Since the launch of the Public Sports Facilities Network in January 2006, the Macao Sport Development Board has opened its affiliated sports facilities for public use in order to expand available space for activities and provide more channels for conducting physical exercise for residents. This, in turn, benefits people from all walks of life and fully utilises its current facilities and resources. In addition, the Board has continued to improve its online venue booking and payment services by simplifying procedures in order to facilitate residents use of available sports facilities whilst encouraging them to cultivate the habit of participating in sport, thus fulfilling the principles of ‘Let’s exercise for our health’ and ‘lifelong sports’.

To further advance the optimisation of various software and hardware sports facilities, the Macao Sport Development Board plans to integrate current sports facilities into the surrounding environment and features of its sports venues, which is expected to better cater to the needs of people in their daily lives. In addition, the Board will rename some of its affiliated sports facilities in August in order to enable residents to more easily distinguish and familiarise themselves with these facilities.

Instalações Desportivas afectas ao Instituto do Desporto

Centro Desportivo da Vitória
Centro Desportivo Tamagnini Barbosa
Centro Desportivo do Colégio D. Bosco
Centro Desportivo de Lin Fong
Pavilhão de Mong Há
Pavilhão Polidesportivo Tap Seac
Centro Desportivo Olímpico Estádio
Campo de Hóquei
Quintal Desportivo
P iscina Olímpica
Silo Automóvel
Campo de Basquetebol de Três
Zona de Badminton
Piscinas do Carmo
Centro de Bowling
Academia de Ténis
Centro Internacional de Tiro
Centro Náutico de Hác-Sá
Centro Náutico de Cheoc-Van
Centro de Medicina Desportiva
Kartódromo de Coloane
Centro de Formação
Nave Desportiva dos Jogos da Ásia Oriental de Macao