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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
Macao Wushu Youth Academy Fun Day

The Macao Wushu Youth Academy, jointly founded by the Macao Sport Development Board and the Wushu General Association of Macao, organised the Macao Wushu Youth Academy Fun Day activity on 20th June at the Macao International Shooting Range – Finals Shooting Range. Students’ parents and guests were invited to watch fascinating performances of quanshu (pugilistic art), jianshu (sword art), gunshu (stick play) and sanda (hand combat) by the students and glimpse their achievements and the daily operation of the school. Fifteen wushu students who had an outstanding record in three areas - virtue, wisdom and physical development - were awarded at the Fun Day.

The Macao Wushu Youth Academy is a martial arts training school jointly organised by the Sport Development Board and the Wushu General Association of Macao. Since its establishment in 2007, it has sought continued development and successfully trained more than 300 students. In addition to benefiting teenage students in physical and mental development and enriching their cultural lives, the school selects student talent for further training. In the past three years, the school has cultivated several groups of outstanding wushu athletes who have won glory for Macao in international wushu competitions.

Guests of honour attending the activity included Vice President of the Macao Sport Development Board José Tavares, Head of the Sports Development Department of the Macao Sport Development Board Lam Lin Kio, Sports Council Member Chan Chak Mo, Director of the Macao Swimming Association Mak Chi Kun, Director of the Macao Amateur Weightlifting Association Chan Sio Weng, Deputy Director of the Youth Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macao Iu Ka Chung, Director of the Macao Soft Tennis Association, China Ng Man Chon, President of the Macao Lions Club Leong Weng Kin, Director of the Islands Commercial & Industrial General Association Iun Ioc Va, Vice President and Chairman of the Wushu General Association of Macao Wu Ka I and Chan Wing Kit.