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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
May Day Sports Arts and Acrobatic Show & Jan Lamb ‘Yes I Do’ Stand-up Comedy

Organised by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region and co-organised by the Macao Sport Development Board, the May Day Sports Arts and Acrobatic Show & Jan Lamb ‘Yes I Do’ Stand-up Comedy was held on 1st May at the Macao East Asian Games Dome. Performers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao entertained the audience with a wonderful display of singing, dancing, acrobatics and stand-up comedy.

Officiating guests at the opening ceremony included Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Cheong U, Deputy Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in Macao SAR Song Yanbin, Representative of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government Liu Weining, President of the Macao Sport Development Board Vong Iao Lek, and Vice Presidents of the Macao Sport Development Board José Tavares and Pun Weng Kun.

The event featured performers from many different regions, including the multi-talented creative artist Jan Lamb from Hong Kong, the national-level China National Acrobatic Troupe, popular band Fama and a number of Macao singers including Long Sat Kit, Chao Pui Ieng, Ngai Lek and Sou Io Kuong. Delighting the eyes and ears of Macao residents were a wide variety of performances themed pleasure, marriage and sport, which intertwined sports and popular entertainment elements. Following was a series of melodious songs and fabulous acrobatics. The closing performance which featured the brand-new stand-up comedy of Jan Lamb was an enjoyable climax for the 6,500 people who attended a wonderful May Day show.