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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
A Harmonious & Healthy Society for All - ‘Free Sports Ground’ Finals

Jointly organised by the Macao Sport Development Board and the Civic Municipal Affairs Bureau, the five-week 2010 Free Sports Ground ball games commenced on 17th April. The finals were held on 16th May in the Sam Yuk Multi-Purpose Zone and the Olympic Sports Centre 3-on-3 basketball court.

In the finals, there were 20 teams of Men’s basketball, 11 teams of Women’s basketball and 9 teams of Men’s football registering for 3-on-3 basketball and 3-on-3 football. Following three hours of exciting competition, the results were as follows:

Men’s 3-on-3 basketball:

Champion:Chi Yau Hau Yau

First Runner-up:OTTO

Second Runner-up:Tap Seac Chi Yau

Third Runner-up:Fo Hong

Women’s 3-on-3 basketball:


First Runner-up:Hou Tai C

Second Runner-up:Hou Tai A

Third Runner-up:San Wa

Men’s 3-on-3 football:


First Runner-up:SST

Second Runner-up:Hou Tai

Third Runner-up:BKLH


Following the team competitions, individual basketball and football skills competitions were held. Results were as follows:


ndividual Basketball Skills Competition:

Champion: Lei Cheng San

First Runner-up:Lei Heng Hong

Second Runner-up:Tam On Yu

Third Runner-up: Ip Si Nam

Individual Football Skills Competition:

Champion:Chan Hon Chon

First Runner-up:Lao Ka Kun

Second Runner-up:Chiu Ian Sin

Third Runner-up:Sam Cheng Fai


2010 Free Sports Ground District Competitions and Finals Champions

Event Venue  Date

 3-on-3 Basketball (Men)

 3-on-3 Basketball (Women)

3-on-3 Football (Men)

District Competitions (Champions)

Veng Neng Sports Ground 17 th April (Sat.) Big 4 Sin Hua B.K.L.H
Sports Ground at Avenida do Conselheiro Borja 25 th April (Sun.) Fo Hong Chui Chui Lucky
Barra Sports Ground 2 nd May (Sun.) Yo Yo Man BASKETBALL Ton Gan San
Rua Central da Areia Preta Sports Ground 9 th May (Sun.) Ryo Ing Jei II Hou Tai A Yumi

Finals (Championship)

Sam Yuk Multi-Purpose Zone and Olympic Sports Centre 3-on-3 basketball court

16 th May (Sun.) Chi Yau Hau Yau BASKETBALL Yumi

The Macao Sport Development Board utilised the Free Sports Ground as a platform to encourage citizens to make good use of their free time and participate actively in sports exercises, while delivering the message of creating a ‘harmonious and healthy society for all’. The five-week Free Sports Ground competitions were widely supported by the general public as well as ball game enthusiasts. The competitions also attracted nearby neighbours. This year’s competitions registered a significant increase in the number of participants, which totalled some 1,844 persons. Some 268 were female players, while 720 and 356 male players enrolled for the 3-on-3 basketball and 3-on-3 football matches. Some 500 players enrolled for the individual basketball and football skills competitions.