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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
4th All-China Games

Held once every four years, the All-China Games is a national multi-sports event for non-Olympic sports. The General Administration of Sport of China and the All-China Sports Federation founded the Games in 2000. The 4th Games introduced significant changes and innovations to achieve its reform directions and founding objectives - ‘less emphasis on medal and trophy participation, exchange, health promotion and joy’ are of equal importance - through competition, exhibition, discussion and tourism.

The 4th All-China Games was held in Hefei City, Anhui Province from 16 to 26 May and welcomed a total of 6,000 athletes formed by 56 sports delegations from different provinces and cities, autonomous regions, municipalities, HKSAR and MSAR and relevant sports associations from China. As a result, it was the largest event in its history. On the basis of the 28 competitive events organised in the last session, the 4th Games introduced six new events including motorboat, 5-a-side-football, 3-on-3 basketball, water life saving, health qigong and shuttlecock. There were 34 competitive events altogether and 318 categories in the 4th All-China Games, the greatest numbers in the Games’ history.

This is the second time Macao participated in the All-China Games, sending a delegation of 115 local athletes to compete in 15 events including 5-a-side-football, bowling, dancesport, gate ball, squash, Weiqi (go chess), Xianqi, golf, roller sports, billiards, bodybuilding, open water swimming, 3-on-3 basketball, Foot shuttlecock, and tug of war.

At the invitation of General Administration of Sport of China, the Macao Sport Development Board organised a delegation of 26 members from sports circle, including Chief of Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Ms. Cheung So Mui Cecília, Deputy Director of the Culture and Education Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao SAR Dr. Zhang Xiaoguang and members of the Sports Council, to attend the opening ceremony of the 4th All-China Games in Hefei and observe some of the competitive events between 15th and 19th May.

The Macao sports delegation had successful results in the Games. In addition to a number of trophies, Macao delegates fulfilled the principle of ‘participation, exchange, health promotion and joy are equal importance’ and took this rare opportunity to compete and develop friendships with athletes from different parts of China.

After more than ten-day tight competitive schedule and exciting events, the 4th All-China Games held its closing ceremony on 26th May at the Hefei Grand Theatre. The 4th Games successfully concluded after a variety of performances of arts and culture themed “hand in hand for a better future.” The next All-China Games will be held in Chongqing, China in 2014.

List of Trophies Received by Macao Sports Delegation

Event/Category Trophy
Bowling Men’s Single 1st Runner-up (2 members)
2 nd Runner-up (1 member)
Men’s Double 1 st Runner-up (1 member)
Men’s Trios 1 st Runner-up (1 member)
Men's Team of Five 1 st Runner-up (1 member)
Men’s All-Event 2 nd Runner-up (1 member)
Squash Mixed Team 2 nd Runner-up
Men’s Single 2 nd Runner-up (1 member)
Golf Men’s Team 2 nd Runner-up
Best Putter (1 member)
Best Irons (1 member)
Roller Sports (Team) 2 nd Runner-up
Tug of War (Team) 2 nd Runner-up
Team Spirit Trophy
Men’s 3-on-3 Basketball (Team) 2 nd Runner-up
Second Best Line-up (1 member)
Open Water Swimming 1 st Runner-up (1 member)
2 nd Runner-up (1 member)
Shuttlecock Men’s Double 2 nd Runner-up (1 member)
Women’s Double 2nd Runner-up (1 member)