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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
“Theory and Application of Sports Science” Seminar

Sports science is a genre of science that utilises scientific principles and methods to improve physical fitness and enhance sports standards. It plays an important role in guiding physical and sports exercise. To update local sports personnel, athletes, coaches, various sports associations and students specialising in sports on the progress and popular areas of study on contemporary sports science, the Macao Sport Development Board joined hands with the University of Macao to organise the seminar, “Theory and Application of Sports Science” on 15th & 16th May at the Ho Yin Convention Centre, University of Macao. The seminar also educated sports exercisers and trainees in applying knowledge of sports science to practical sports training and lectured on the science of physical exercise and training and promoting the effects of sports. Speakers invited to the seminar included experts and academia from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The seminar focused on the combination of the theory and application of sports science. Eight experts and academia - including Prof. Yang Xirang and Prof. Mao Zhixiong from Beijing Sport University, Prof. Lin Zhengchang from Chinese Culture University of Taiwan, Prof. Lu Junhong from National Taiwan Sport University, Prof. Frank Fu Hoo Kin and Prof. Chung Pak Kwong from Hong Kong Baptist University, Prof. Xu Benli from Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and Prof. Li Jie from Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province – respectively lectured on the “Survey on the Development of Sports Physiology in the 21st Century in Chinese Mainland,” “Communication and Exchange on Sports Science between the Two Straits,” “Sport and Exercise Psychology: Trends in the World and in China,” “Lifestyle Management in the 21st Century from a Sports Science Perspective,” “An Overview on Muscular Fitness Development”, “The Model of Theoretical and Physical Exercise Intervention” ” “Systematic Science and Three-dimensional Training” and “Analysis on the 3 training principles : be strenuous; be strict; be practical, and ethos of abundant training in combination with qualitative competitive training”.

These seminars aimed to link theories with practical applications, discussed in depth the use of sport science to strengthen athletes’ physique as well as the importance of various psychological and physical trainings, scientific, systemic and “three dimensional trainings. All experts and scholars had free and open discussions with the audience in a positive atmosphere.

Vice President of the Macao Sport Development Board José Tavares, and Interim Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Macao Prof. Cheng Chun Wai attended the opening ceremony of the seminar. Participants in the seminar included representatives from sports general associations, teachers from local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, as well as students specialising in sports.