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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
Macao Sport Development Board and CCAC Jointly Organise Legal Forum on ‘Prevention and Suppression of Bribery in Private Sector’

To enable sports associations to fully understand newly implemented Law No. 19/2009 (effective 1st March, 2009) entitled ‘Prevention and Suppression of Bribery in Private Sector’, the Macao Sport Development Board specially invited representatives from the Commission against Corruption (CCAC) to organise a legal forum and deliver talks on the aforementioned law.

Deputy Commissioner against Corruption Ms. Tou Wai Fong and several CCAC officials were in attendance and discussed and explained in the forum how to prevent and curb corruption. Detailed descriptions included the objectives of the law, the prevention of bribery and corruption, and increased penalties, etc. The legal forum also utilised case studies and interactive discussions to enable participants to understand the relevant law in greater detail. Participants in the forum were proactive in asking questions related to the prevention of corruption. The Macao Sport Development Board also organised the same forum for the Board’s staff members in order to acquaint civil servants with the relevant law.

Through the forum, the Macao Sport Development Board hopes to enhance the integrity of administration personnel in sport associations so that they may conduct their responsibilities and obligations with a thorough understanding of the law in order to bring about a transparent ‘sunshine’ environment.
President of the Macao Sport Development Board Dr. Vong Iao Lek, Vice President José Tavares, and Pun Weng Kun, were also in attendance.