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2010 / NO.2
2010 / NO.2
Editor’s Note

The 16th Asian Games and Asian Para Games will be held in Guangzhou in November 2010. This will be another impressive sports event in China, succeeding the Beijing Olympic Games. Once again, the Macao Sport Development Board is designated to recruit local volunteers for the Asian Games. Thus giving Macao residents another opportunity to volunteer after the Beijing Olympic Games.

On 16th May, Macao sent a delegation of 112 local athletes to participate in the 4th All-China Games, which is a national-level integrated sports event for non-Olympic sports. Adhering to the principle of ‘participation, exchange, health promotion and joy are of equal importance’, Macao athletes took this rare opportunity to compete and develop friendships with athletes from Mainland China. Other thrilling events such as the Macao International Dragon Boat Races and East Asian Judo Championships will also be covered in this issue ‘Sports News’.

The highly anticipated second quarter of ‘Sport for All’ calendar featured the Macao Sports Games for the Disabled, the May Day Sports Arts and Acrobatic Show and the World Challenge Day, all of which were greatly received by the public.

The current issue of ‘Insight on Sports Science’ continues to emphasize the Importance of Sports for the Elderly, covering the impact of sports on the respiratory and digestive functions and nervous system of the elderly, in addition to a brief introduction on the cause and treatment of groin injuries and injury prevention.

Training sports management personnel is crucial in promoting local sports development. To enable local sports personnel, athletes, coaches and sports associations to acquire the latest news on contemporary sports science and acquaint themselves with basic knowledge about sports theories and skills; the Macao Sport Development Board jointly organised the Theory and Application of Sports Science seminar with the University of Macao and the 4th Macao Sports Management Personnel Training Course with the Beijing Sport University respectively. It also sent delegates to the international Sport for All Certified Leadership Course. All participants have reaped in great benefits from the course.

Through Macao Sports, we hope to keep the readers updated on Macao’s sports news, to share things and stories about the people around us, and together promote the development of sport for all and competitive sport in Macao!