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2019 / NO.4
2019 / NO.4
Equip Yourself - Choi Dion Carlos

Choi Dion Carlos, a Year 3 student majoring in Communication of the University of Macau, is a football athlete of Macao. He is currently a member of the Macao football team. Since he joined the Macao team youth league after U14, he has participated in the China Football Association Member Association Champions League, Guangdong-Macao Cup and various Asian-level youth football events on behalf of Macao and accumulated a lot of experiences.

Aged 20 this year, he has developed a deep interest in football since he was small. Every weekend he played football in the park with his parents. At the age of 6, he was taken by his parents to the recruitment day of the Football Academy and started his career.

Since Choi joined the Macao Development Team after U14, he has competed in many events on behalf of Macao. The most unforgettable one was the match against Laos in the U18 Asian Youth Football Championship. Macao defeated its opponent by 1:0. Choi stated that winning in a high standard event was incredible and they all had been excited after the match. The match has been encouraged him to continue training.

Choi, as a midfielder, looks forward to having more opportunities to compete after joining the adult team. He continues training to develop his fitness and physique to overcome his weakness. His goal is to become a professional footballer and this summer he went to Portugal to train with the Segunda Liga of Portugal there for a month. Although he could not be selected to be an official team member, he learned a lot throughout that month. Choi stated that he enjoyed being devoted to football and his visit in Portugal broadened his horizon. At this stage, he strives to equip himself to become a professional player.