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2019 / NO.4
2019 / NO.4
Macao Men's Basketball Team Defeated Hong Kong

Macao men's basketball team made a momentous achievement in the 52nd Basketball Interport between Hong Kong and Macao and 19th Youth Basketball Challenge of 3 between Hong Kong and Macao. Macao had lagged Hong Kong with a 7-point margin in the fourth quarter. However, Macao scored 20:0 against Hong Kong in a single quarter and eventually won 73:60 over Hong Kong, winning the first trophy in the intercity competition for Macao basketball team.

Macao basketball team sent the strongest formation to compete in the event this year, including Lai Ka Tong, Lao Chon Pong, Un Kam Chi, Ieong Kei Long and Chan Wai Seng, who had once served the Southeast Asian Professional Basketball League team, and Lam Teng Long, Lo Hip Meng, Ng Weng Pang, Kou Chong Kei, Sou Wa Chak, Lam Wai Hou and Lam Chi Fong, who had performed outstandingly in the local Premier League.

The beginning of the match featured intensive fight. Macao led 21:16 in the first quarter and Hong Kong tied 23:23 with Macao in the second quarter. Then Macao made some adjustments. Lao Chon Pong regained an edge by making two 3-point shots. At the end of the first half, Macao led 36:30. In the third quarter, Hong Kong caught up with Macao and scored 11 points consecutively. They turned the tables on Macao by 60:53. In the last quarter, Macao remained defensive, but Lai Ka Tong counteracted and scored 13 points individually. Eventually, he scored 20 points successively in collaboration with his teammates. Macao defeated Hong Kong by 73:60 and got the champion trophy for the first time in the 52nd intercity competition.

In the Macao women's basketball intercity competition, which took place on the same day, Hong Kong women's basketball team won the champion by 107:28. Hong Kong won 20:11, 22:1 and 22:6 respectively in the men's U16, women's U16 and women's 18 3-on-3 competition. Macao won 22:16 in the men's U18.