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2019 / NO.4
2019 / NO.4
18,000 Participants Joined Running in Celebration of the National Day and World Walking Day

2019 National Day and World Walking Day Fun Run, hosted by the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, undertaken by Sports Bureau and co-organized by General Association of Athletics of Macau, took place in the Golden Lotus Square at 8:15 a.m. on October 1, attracting a total of 18,000 participants.

The World Walking Day Running took place in two separate divisions: running and walking. After the flag-raising ceremony in the Golden Lotus Square, the National Day Running commenced. The commencement ceremony was officiated by Wong Sio Chak, Acting Chief Executive. During the contest which involved a 3-km route, Iao Kuan Un from the men's category was the first one who crossed the finishing line in 8 minutes 41 seconds, winning the“National Day Cup”for four consecutive years and breaking the overall record. Ng Ieong Ieong was the champion in the women's category with the result of 9 minutes 51 seconds. In addition, the team champion of the National Day Cup was won by the Macau Jiangmen Communal Society.


Awardees of the Running in Celebration of the National Day




(Men’s Category)



(Women’s Category)



Iao Kuan Un

8 mins 41 secs

Wu Yang Yang

9 mins 51 secs


Wong Chin Wa

8 mins 47 secs

Wong San San

10 mins 12 secs


Chan Kai Un

8 mins 51 secs

Cheng Wan U

10 mins 45 secs


Lei Ka Chon

8 mins 56 secs

Fong Weng Cheng

11 mins 20 secs


Io Fat Meng

8 mins 58 secs

Wong Teng Lam

11 mins 32 secs


Lok Chong Leng

9 mins 01 secs

Krisrina Andreia

11 mins 50 secs


Chong Chi Seak

9 mins 02 secs

Che Iok Teng

12 mins 10 secs


Chan Chen Kit

9 mins 05 secs

Tang Mei Ieng

12 mins 25 secs


Lou Wai Un

9 mins 05 secs

Chio Ka Cheng

13 mins 10 secs


Chan Weng U

9 mins 06 secs

Lou Mei Wa

13 mins 18 secs