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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
250 Thousand Residents Participate in World Challenge Day

“2019 World Challenge Day”, held by the Sports Bureau and the Municipal Affairs Bureau and co-organized by the Health Bureau, took place on May 29. With the active support from various government sectors, institutions, enterprises, associations, schools and other sectors of society, the number of participants in this event reached 252,679, constituting 38.09% of Macao's total population. All residents were encouraged to take part in the World Challenge Day by engaging in ongoing physical activities for 15 minutes. According to the data provided by“the Association of International Sport for All”, Jerusalem was the city competing with Macao. Out of a population of 850 thousand, a total of 80,000 (10%) participated in the event on that day. Eventually, the official result shows that Macao became the winner once again.

Through the event“World Challenge Day”, the organizers hoped to convey the message to the residents that they can benefit from sports activities both physically and mentally, inviting them to do exercise constantly and enjoy the fun of it.

The World Challenge Day was held on the same day as the FIVB Women's Volleyball Nations League Macao 2019. All organizers congregated at the Macao Forum, inviting all the audience and guests there to perform group gymnastics as a way to take part in the World Challenge Day. Such activity was well received.