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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
National Youth Games: Macao Football Team showed recognized performance in U15 while Male and Female Volleyball teams gain experiences

Football and volleyball matches of the 2nd National Youth Games were held in April. Macao sent its team to compete. In particular, in the football final in the 15-year-old category held in Wuzhou of Guangxi Province, Macao team won all the three group matches and became among the best eight teams. Although they could not proceed to the next level after that, they remained undefeated throughout the official time in the five matches. Their performance was well appreciated by their opponents.

Macao U15 Team, who was categorized into Group A, competed against Lingwu Sports School in the first match of the Youth Games. Macao team caught up when they lost 1 goal and finally won 5:2. In the second match, Macao team defeated Guiyang Sports School with 1:0, with the only goal shot by Ng Lai Teng. Macao team was promoted in advance with two wins. In the last match of the final group matches, some of the key players of the Macao team were substituted but they could still defeat Gansu Sports School with 1:0. Macao team won in all the three group matches and proceeded to the best eight. In the elimination match among the best eight teams, Macao team competed against Taiyuan Key Sports School and scored 2:2 during the official time. They ended the match in a penalty shoot-out. Macao team lost 3:5 and failed to become among the best four teams. During the matches which decided the 5th to 8th team, Macao team was in draw with Xian Team with 2:2 after an intense match. Regrettably they lost 9:10 during the penalty shoot-out again. Macao team ranked the 8th eventually. 

In terms of the volleyball preliminary matches, both men's and women's team were classified into Group A. The preliminary matches of women's Group A were held in Zhangzhou City of Fujian Province from April 5-12. Nine teams competed for 5 slots to get promoted. Macao women's volleyball team lost to Zhejiang, Henan and Beijing during the three matches and failed to be promoted. The preliminary match of men's Group A took place in Foshan of Guangdong Province from April 10-17. Eleven teams competed for five slots to be promoted. After four matches, Macao men's team lost to Heilongjiang, Henan, Beijing, Fujina and Jiangsu and failed to be promoted.