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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
Lee Tak Man Strives to be Four-time Winner in Asian Tour

“2019 Macao China International Open Tenpin Bowling Championships  and Abf Tour-Macao”took place from June 14 to 23 at the Bowling Centre. Lee Tak Man, who had encountered a setback as he failed to win the champion in the International Tenpin Bowling Open, defeated Lau Kwun Ho by 267:264 in the Asian Tour, winning his fourth champion in the Asian Tour after the competitions in Macao, Thailand and Taipei respectively in 2013, 2015 and 2018.

In the final of the Macao China International Tenpin Bowling Open, Lee Tak Man achieved the best result which Macao had ever obtained in the open category, as he ranked the second with 261 points in the masters match. Regrettably, he lost 236: 259 to a Japanese contestant who was the first one making it to the grand final, Shusaku Asato, and became the first runner-up. Although he had just made it to the grand final of the Macao open echelon competition, sadly he could not win the champion, but he declared that he would not feel frustrated. Having defeated Ivan Tse, a contestant from Hong Kong, Lee Tak Man encountered another contestant from Hong Kong named Lau Kwun Ho. Then, Lee achieved seven 'strikes' since his second attempt and he also achieved two'spares' in his last two attempts, which caused his victory. With a narrow margin, he defeated Lau Kwun Ho with 267:264, winning the fourth title in his individual career.

Hui Tong, who has been recovering since the Asian Games last year, became the best Macao female player with an average score of 191.38 points. Although she could not further proceed to the echelon competition in the International Tenpin Bowling Open, she performed extraordinarily in the Asian Tour. She won 253:228 over a Japanese contestant Misaki Mukotani and competed against Ng Tsz Yin from Hong Kong. Hoi Tong had once been 40 points ahead of her opponent in the final match, but regrettably, she made mistakes and tied with her at 191 points after ten rounds. In the additional round, Hui Tong reversed the situation and defeated Ng Tsz Yin with 60:28, winning the champion title. She became the champion again after nine years. Hong Kong contestant Gigi Leung won a bronze.

In the women's event of the International Tenpin Bowling Open, the first contestant who broke into the final of the echelon competition was Ngani from Thailand. She defeated Ng Tsz Yin from Hong Kong and became the champion. The third place went to Hee Kar Yen from Malaysia.