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2019 / NO.2
2019 / NO.2
Diego and Au Wing Chi Win Champions in Macao

The “2019 Macao Squash Open”, hosted by the Macao Squash Association, took place from April 10 to 14. The match on April 14, which had been supposed to take place in the Squash Glass Court at the Tap Seac Square, was held at the Cotai Bowling Centre instead because of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Eventually, the champion in the men's category and the women's category were Diego from Peru and Au Wing Chi from Hong Kong, respectively.

In the men's category, after consecutive intense competitions, Omar Mosaad from Egypt and Diego from Peru were destined to compete in the final match. They had competed three times throughout their careers and Omar won all the matches consecutively. However, in the latest match, Diego bounced back and kept having an edge over his opponent. He won a landslide with 11:3 and 11:4 in the first two matches. In the third match, Omar Mosaad attempted to counteract, but Diego continued his victory and won another match with 11:9 eventually. With 3:0 in winning matches, Diego became the champion for the first time.

In the women's final, the first seeded player, Au Wing Chi from Hong Kong China competed with Low Wee Wern from Malaysia and the result matched people's expectation. With her various strategies, Au Wing Chi defeated her opponent with 11:5, 13:11 and 11:8 in all three consecutive matches, winning the first individual champion title in the World's Squash Tour - Bronze Level Competition.

Lio Kuai Chi and Ou Man Wai, who participated in the competition as' wild card' players, competed in the major contest on the 10th. Despite their efforts, they were eliminated and could not proceed to becoming the best 16. Lio Kwai Chi was defeated 0:3 by Satomi Watanabe from Japan in the women's category. Manuel Chan Gassmann de Oliveira also lost to Ivan Yuen from Malaysia in three consecutive matches.