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2018 / NO.3
2018 / NO.3
Advancing Personal Achievement – Song Chi Kuan

Macao wushu athlete Song Chi Kuan, aged 21, is a senior university student who has earned 4th place in the long fist event in the 18th Asian Games. 

Song Chi Kuan, who gained some experience in gymnastics in his early years, started learning martial arts when he was a primary three student, quickly gaining his passion for this sport. Due to his experience in gymnastics, he shows great flexibility and certain foundational motor skills. He could learn basic Taolu and practice basic wushu skills rather easily and found learning wushu more enjoyable. Accompanying with peers has given Song Chi Kuan the greatest motivation to practice martial arts, as he can face challenges and make progress together. This has made him insist on earning achievements. Song Chi Kuan, who has been practicing martial arts for many years, thinks that the period of group training in Beijing in 2011 is the most unforgettable. At that time, since he was still young, it happened occasionally that he fought and argued with his teammates, but when he now recalls it, he considers it a valuable memory. 

As Song Chi Kuan is experienced in competing in competitions, he participated in the Asian Wushu Championship on behalf of Macao at the age of 14. In the martial arts event of the Asian Games this year, he gained the result of the fourth place in the long fist event. Song Chi Kuan acknowledged that he could perform as well as he could in normal group training, while there was still room for improvement. He would keep on training more intensively in the hope that he could win a medal in international events in the future and win honor for Macao. He expects himself to advance on personal development in the next Asian Games and earn a medal four years later.