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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
“Free Sports Ground”Ball Games in Autumn Concluded

  The 2017 "Free Sports Ground" (Fall) Ball Games, hosted by the Sports Bureau and co-organized by the Macau-China Basketball Association and the Macau Football Association, took place at various "Free Sports Ground" Ball fields from 15th October to 19th November.

  The organizers hoped to promote the message that sports and exercise are good for both physical and mental health, to enhance residents' interest in exercise and nurture regular exercising habits by hosting similar events. Meanwhile, through ball games, it aims to provide a platform for mutual exchange and competition in skills for the fans of ball games in various neighbourhoods. 

  The matches were well supported by the residents who are fascinated of ball games. The four sessions of "Free Sports Ground" Ball Games attracted 68 basketball teams and 34 football teams in total.