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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Speed and Pursuit - Leong Hon Chio

  The young generation of Macao's car-racing field have achieved brilliant results in the recent years. Particularly Leong Hon Chio, merely at the age of 16, has gained the most brilliant results. Leong Hon Chio shone in the FIA F4 China Championship, and fans of car-racing all around the world have got to know this Macao racer, who has been making tremendous effort. For the FIA F4 China Championship this year, there were in total 21 rounds of competition held in 7 places. Leong Hon Chio, at the sixth place, won as the overall champion of this year's championship in advance with 345 points accumulated in 12 rounds. Later, he also won the overall champion of this year's in the Asian Renault Formula Series.

  “Little Chio” learned about car-racing at the age of eight. His unbreakable bond with car-racing   began because of his admiration of the animation "Initial D". Later his father brought him to Zhuhai to play a small-scale car-racing and he developed his unique passion for car-racing since his first time to learn about car-racing. At the age of ten, he joined the World Karting Championships hosted in Macao, which was also his first time joining a competition in which he only got an average result. However, he gained excellent results in later car-racing events. Little Chio tried to do F4 for the first time at the age of 13 and since then he has loved Formula car-racing. When he was 14, he joined his first F4 competition and in September of the same year he won his first F4 champion in Shanghai. Little Chio has been advancing in his car-racing career rapidly over a period of as short as three years. His results were surprising.

  The pursuit towards the feeling of extreme speed in car-racing is the reason why Little Chio was passionate about surging forwards on the tracks. Still learning, he hopes that he could develop his career as a professional car-racer later on. His dream is to become a F1 racer. In terms of the objective in the next stage, Little Chio admitted that he hoped to participate in the F3 event in the Macau Grand Prix.