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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Bhullar Wins Champion For the Second Time in Macau Open

  The Macau Golf Open concluded successfully on 22 October. Gaganjeet Bhullar, a famous 29-year-old player from India, was awarded the champion of the Macau Golf Open again after five years. With the advantage of three pars, he became the third player who has won the champion twice in the history of the Macao Open.

  In this championship, Bhullar gave a brilliant performance. In the first two rounds, he led by far with the result of 7-under-par and 6-under-par respectively. He performed less remarkably in the third round, as he merely completed the event with 3-over-par. He performed his best in the last round as he achieved a 3-under-par and ended the event with 68 strokes, winning the champion of this year with an overall result of 271 strokes. Since 2012, he has won the trophy as the champion once again. He stood side-by-side with famous Chinese player, Zhang Lianwai, and Hunter, from Australia, becoming the third one who won the champion twice in the Macao Golf Open. This is also Bhullar's eighth time winning the champion in the Asian Tour in his individual career.

  The player from the Philippines, Que Angelo, and the Indian player, Sandhu completed the last round with the results of 69 strokes and 70 strokes respectively. Both were the runner-ups with a total of 274 strokes. Hong Jian Yao, who strove to catch up with Bhullar all along, performed less satisfactorily in the last round and got the result 1-over-par, ranking only the 4th in the championship.