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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Outstanding Macao Athletes Get Recognition

  The awarding ceremony of "Outstanding Athletes Election for Year 2017" , co-organized by the Sports Bureau and Macau Sports Weekly once every two years, was held in the evening of 2 October at the Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center. The winners of the prizes of "Outstanding Athletes" , "Outstanding Youth Athletes" , "Outstanding Combinations in Sports" , "Favorite Athletes" , "Outstanding Coaches" , and "Commendation Awards to the Outstanding" were revealed. The prize newly set up for this year "Commendation Awards to the Outstanding" was given to the Macao Cycling Team and Macao Post-Secondary Basketball Team.

  The 10 "Outstanding Athletes" , who were revealed recently, include, Hoi Long, a triathlon athlete who was awarded six times; Lei On Kei and Chou Man Hou, swimming contestants who made it to the awarding podium once again after two years; Li Yi and Wong Chon Wa, martial arts athletes who were awarded twice consecutively; Lai Ka Tong, a basketball player; Chio Wai Keong, a martial arts athlete; Lou Wai Kit, who had just won a bronze medal in the Asian Karate Championship; Lao Long San, a cycling contestant who won a gold medal last year and Pang Chi Hang, the "Mr. Football of Macao" this year who was awarded for the first time.

  The following athletes were elected awardees for "Outstanding Young Athletes" , Wong Kui Sin and Wong Sam In, new stars in martial arts; Ieong Chi Son for track cycling; Ieong Weng Chi for squash; Leong Hon Chio, a racer of the karting track; Lam Si Chong for swimming, Wong Chin Wa for triathlon; Lei Cheng I for judo, Wong Son Ian for bowling, and Ho I Teng, an athlete in artistic cycling.

  Guests of honour who were invited to present the awards include, Dr. Alexis Tam Chon Weng, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Pu Hai Long, Deputy Director of the Culture and Education Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao SAR, Pun Weng Kun, President of the Sports Bureau, Lao Cho Un, Vice President of the Sports Bureau, Chan Iok Wai, Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Ma Iao Hang, President of the General Assembly of the Macao Olympic Committee, Lou Keng Chio, President of the Council of the Macao Olympic Committee, Wan Kuan Lok, President of the Supervisory Board of the Macao Olympic Committee, Antonio Fernandes, Director of the Macau-China Paralympic Committee, Fong Nim Seong, Director of Macau Sports Press Association, Lo Song Man, member of the board of directors and executive committee of the Macao Broadcasting Corporation, and Fong Nim Lam, Chairman of Macau Sports Daily.

10 Outstanding Athletes

10 Outstanding Youth Athletes

Hoi Long (Triathlon)

Wong Kui Sin (Martial Arts)

Chao Man Hou (Swimming)

Wong Sam In (Martial Arts)

Lei On Kei (Swimming)

Wong Chin Wa (Triathlon)

Lao Long San (Road/Track Cycling)

Lei Cheng I (Judo)

Lou Wai Kit (Karate)

Wong Son Ian (Bowling)

Pang Chi Hang (Football)

Ieong Chi Son (Road/Track Cycling)

Lai Ka Tong (Basketball)

Ieong Weng Chi (Squash)

Li Yi (Martial Arts)

Leong Hon Chio (Karting Track Racing)

Wong Chon Wa (Martial Arts)

Lam Si Chong (Swimming)

Chio Wai Keong (Martial Arts)

Ho I Teng (Fancy Cycling)

Outstanding Combinations in Sports

Macao Lion Dancing Team

Macao Football Team

Macao Triathlon Team


Prizes for Outstanding Coaches

Gold Prize

Choi Chon Meng (Road/Track Cycling), Iao Chon In (Martial Arts), Ieng Cheng Lei (Swimming)

Silver Prize

Che Tin Iao (Road/Track Cycling), Tam Iao San (Football), Rashidnia Mohammadre (Karate), Cheong Chi Lam (Diving), Lam Chi Man (Squash)

Bronze Prize

Choi Iek I (Martial Arts: Dragon and Lion Dancing), Lo Chun Kuong (Martial Arts: Southern Lion Dancing), Chon Chi Kin (Martial Arts: Sanda), Kuan Sok Mui (Fancy Cycling), Kenta Ando (Triathlon)

Outstanding Prize

Lou Weng Meng (Fancy Cycling), Iu Man Iao (Bowling), Lei Lai Peng (Fancy Skating), Wong Soi Wa (Synchronized Swimming), Jiro Kase (Judo), Kei Man Long (Judo), Lao Fong Peng (Bodybuilding), Iao Ieng Peng (Diving), Wong Wai Fong (Post-secondary Basketball) U Mei Kok (Dancesport)


Favorable Outstanding Athletes

Favorite Outstanding Youth Athletes

Gold Prize

Lei On Kei (Swimming)

Gold Prize

Cheung Ioi Chit (Martial Arts)

Silver Prize

Wong Weng Lam, Tam Ka Pan (Dancesport)

Silver Prize

Hon Soi Wa (Martial Arts)

Bronze Prize


Bronze Prize

Wong Chin Wa (Triathlon)


Commendation Awards to the Outstanding

Macao Post-Secondary Basketball Team

Macao Cycling Team