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2017 / NO.4
2017 / NO.4
Ticktum Crowned Champion Dramatically in Formula 3

  The“64th Macau Grand Prix”was hosted from 16th to 19th November. This championship, which lasted for four consecutive days, motivated fans of car racing all around the world to watch the competitions. The most amazing round with the most twists and turns in the recent decade took place in the finale Formula 3 race. In the last stage of the race, two leading racing cars had been engaged in a very close fight, crashed the bars and therefore were eliminated. Ticktum, a British car-racer, who had lagged behind nearly 2 seconds, caught up and won the champion dramatically. After the race, Ticktum stated, “The champion was really beyond my expectation, and I felt very surprised. However, apart from luck, I thought I won with my efforts as well”.

Both Racing Cars Crashed the Bars before Reaching the Finishing Line

  In the 15-circle Formula 3 race, many racers kept changing their positions. In the last circle the most amazing scene over the recent decade occurred. Habsburg, who was leading, surpassed Camara after driving out of Fishermen's Bend and rushed towards the finishing line. However, both of them crashed bars in front of the checkered flag as they drove too fast. Ticktum, from the team Motopark with VEB, reached the third position from the fifth in the 14th circle.  Although he lagged behind the car in front of him by nearly 2 seconds, he took advantage from the accident of Habsburg and Camara and won the champion by luck. Norris and Aron were the first and second runner-up respectively.

Mortara Won the Champion of GT Cup

  In the GT Cup competition, Mortara was leading in both qualifying race and trial race. Finally, he won over Frijns from Audi Sport Team and threw off Engel 1.3 seconds, who was a two-time champion, to the third position. Mortara won the fourth individual champion in the GT Cup. Accumulating all the F3 titles in the previous two years, Mortara was the champion for the 6th time in the racing tracks in Macao.

  In the FIA World Touring Car Championship, which did not take place in the Guia Circuit for three years, Bennani won the champion in the first race. In the second race, Huth, who was experienced, won. Huth had got the 9th individual champion in the Guia Circuit surpassing “the 8-time champion” Rutter from the GP bikes and became the car-racer who won the most champions in the Macau Grand Prix historically.

The 64th Macau Grand Prix – All results



First runner-up

Second runner-up

Formula 3 Championship

Ticktum (Britain)

Norris (Britain)

Aron (Estonia)

GT Cup

Mortara (Switzerland)

Frijns (Netherlands)

Engel (Germany)

Guia Touring Car Championship

Bennani (Morocco)

Coronel (Netherlands)

Michigami (Japan)

First round/second round

Huth (Britain)

Michelisz (Hungary)

Chilton (Britain)

Grand Prix Motorcycle Champions

Irwin (Britain)

Hickman (Britain)

Rutter (Britain)

CTM Cup Touring Car Race

Leong Ian Weng (Macao, China)

Mitsuhiro Kinoshita (Japan)

Julio (Colombia)

Chinese Racing Cup

Song Chi Wai

(Macao, China)

Zhu Daiwei (China)

Lee Brian (Chinese Taipei)