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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Lively Summer Competition Festival

The Sports Bureau hosted the “2017 Summer Competition Festival” at the football field of the Bosco College Sports Centre on 6 August. The event was conducted in a team-based competition mode. It attracted 43 participating teams that amounted to more than 230 participants in total. On the day of the event, all the participating teams demonstrated their vigor together under the blazing sun.
The competitions included preliminaries and finals. Each team sent 5 members to compete. Time-keeping was applied in the competition. In the course, participants had to go through obstacles on a track, complete designated missions and reach the final destination within the shortest period of time in order to win the game. 15 teams with the best results in the preliminaries proceeded to the finals. After two rounds of intense competition, the team Wai Seng was crowned the champion. The runner-up was the team Physical Education Association: King of Glory. The second runner-up was the team Young Artists of Macao Sports Press Association.
Guests who attended the event included Lao Cho Un, Vice President of the Sports Bureau, Un Hoi Cheng, Acting Vice President of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Lo Keng Chio, President of the Sports and Olympic Committee of Macao, senior member of the sports field Wan Kuan Lok, and members of the Sports Council, Chan Weng Kit, Chan Kuan Fai, Ng Iat On and Un Lai Fan, among others.