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2017 / NO.3
2017 / NO.3
Macao Delegation Achieved Goals and Gained Experience

“The 13th National Games of China” was held from 27 August to 8 September in Tianjin. The Macao SAR Government sent a sports delegation composed of 61 athletes to participate in 10 events. Having undergone competitions in these 12 days, the Macao sports delegation achieved their expected objectives in many events. Young athletes from each team obtained valuable experience in high standard competitions at the national level. Following the extinguishment of the sacred flame and the flag transference in the National Games, this year's National Games of China was concluded successfully. The next National Games will be held in Shaanxi Province in 2021.
Competing in 10 Major Sports Events
The National Games of China, which is hosted every 4 years, is a nationwide multi-sport event of the highest standard. The Macao sports delegation has been participating in this event since 2001. This year marks the 5th time that Macao delegation made a journey to the National Games. They competed in 10 events, namely swimming, track and field, field cycling, road cycling, golf, fencing, shooting, triathlon, sailing and kayaking flatwater.
Comparing to other multi-sports events that have ever been hosted in Tianjin, the scale and standard of the National Games hosted this year were the largest and the highest, with a total of 33 major sports events. 10,217 athletes participated in the Games. It was also the first time that the gold medal table was recalled in the event, so as to increase the participation of the general public, and achieve the goal “National Games for a Healthy China”.
The Best Results Ever in Triathlon Event
The Macao sports delegation demonstrated their positive sport spirit and strengths in the National Games this year. They achieved brilliant results in a variety of competitions and fulfilled what had been expected before the Games. In particular, Hoi Long, who competed in the triathlon event of the National Games for the third time, was ranked the 6th in the women's individual event. She won with the result of 2 hours 8 minutes and 8 seconds, setting the record of the best result ever achieved by the triathlon team since they started competing in this event. Chio Weng Chon and Wong Chin Wa from the men's team were ranked the 27th and 28th respectively. Four athletes from the road cycling team, Kuok Mun Wa, Lao Long San, Ieong Chi Son, and Chan Ngon Fong, also gained good results in the “Competition among a Hundred Athletes” through teamwork. Chan Ngon Fong was ranked the 30th, which was the highest among the four athletes' rankings. Lao Long San, who finished the field all-around event from the field cycling team, was ranked the 14th.
New Macao Records in Kayaking Event
In addition, Cheong Sin I, who participated in the women's kayaking 200 m event, set new Macao records in two sub-events: canoe and kayak. She finished with the results 53'746" and 50'992" respectively. In the swimming event, Lei Ian Chai, Lam Chi Fong, Lao Meng Chak, Lei Hang, and Chao Man Hong from the youth echelon broke the record of the individual best result. On the other hand, the Men's golf team was ranked the 10th. In the games of track and field, sailing, shooting and fencing, goals that had been set prior to competitions were also met. The athletes obtained valuable experiences in competing in a large-scale sports event.
Young Contestants Set Great Role Models
To conclude this year's National Games, the Macao teams reached the expected goals when competing in preliminaries and eliminations. They laid a good foundation for advancing the development of sports events. Young athletes were sent to compete in many sports events. All athletes performed their best in this high standard event, fully illustrating Macao athletes' strengths. They are set as great models for echelons in different sports events.