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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
4,000 People Participated in the Family Sports Day

Organised by the Sports Bureau, and co-organized by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, the General Union of Residents' Associations of Macao, the Macao Federation of Trade Unions and the Women's General Association of Macau, “2017 Family Sports Day” was held on 18 June at Tap Seac Pavilion. This event attracted 4,000 participants, which was increased by around 1,000 compared to last year. During the event, participants engaged in a variety of sports competitions and activities. Scenes of whole families engaged in activities were lively and heart-warming. 

According to the age of the contestants, children were classified into three age categories, Category A (7-10 years), Category B (4-6 years), and Category C (2-3 years). Contestants of each category engaged in two sports activities. They competed intensively in order to get prizes including champion, runner-up, second runner-up, the fourth place prize, and 6 merit awards. Stalls of photography, fun performances, and the additional Grand Prix stall games were set in the event site, so that residents could enjoy happiness with their families and strengthen the bonds with each other while they engaged in healthy physical exercises. 

The guests who attended the event included, Vice President of the Sports Bureau, Lam Lin Kio, Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Leong Wai Kei, Vice President of the General Union of Residents' Associations of Macao, Choi Tat Meng, Director of the Macao Federation of Trade Unions, Leong Wai Fong, and Director of the Women's General Association of Macau, Lam Un Mui, as well as many sports committee members. They presided over the opening ceremony, and presented awards to the winning teams in different categories after the competition.  

The results of the competitions in each category are shown below:

Category A Champion: U Man Yuk, Runner-up: Pang Un Wa, Second Runner-up: Chong Mei Ian, Fourth Place Prize: Cheong Chi Kio

Category B: Champion: Leong Chon Long, Runner-up: Tang Yui I, Second Runner-up: Lei Yu Fei, Fourth Place Prize: Tang Lok Hin

Category C: Champion: Wong Chon Meng, Runner-up: Ao On Meng, Second Runner-up: Kwok Chi Yui, Fourth Place Prize: Lao Kuan Po