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2017 / NO.2
2017 / NO.2
Young Athletes from Fujian and Macao Participate in Exchange Activities for Mutual Improvement

The “Fujian - Macao Youth Sports Exchange Activities” were held from 23 to 27 June in Macao. The exchange activities lasted five days where young athletes from both regions engaged in skills training and competitions in various forms. Young athletes from both regions observed and learned from each other, strengthening their friendship in the course. Ng Lei Wai, a young Macao judo athlete, claimed that the judo athletes from Fujian demonstrated high muscular power and strength. He learned a lot by competing with them, only by competing with different types of opponents can he gain more experience and strengthen himself. 

This year the Fujian Sports Bureau organized a visit to Macao, where 23 people from the judo and tennis teams participated. They engaged in competitions and exchanges with the young athletes from Macao. In the process, the athletes and coaches from both regions exchanged their experience and training methods. As such they attempted to overcome their weaknesses by learning from the strengths of the other side, so as to achieve complementarity. Xu Xiangning, who is from the judo team of the Fuzhou Sports School, Fujian, claimed that he learned a lot from the exchange activities. The training of his judo team had been mostly focusing on physical strengths and quality, while the training in Macao was more about skills and how to grasp chances. The training methods he learned would help him to improve his skills. 

Since the signing of “Sports Exchange and Cooperation Letter of Intent between Fujian Province, China and Macau” in 2012, the sports bureaus of Macao and Fujian have begun to hold “Fujian-Macao Youth Sports Exchange Activities” under the framework as suggested in the Letter of Intent. It has been four years since the first time they held this event. The great support from the Sports Bureau of Fujian Province and the comprehensive collaboration with the Macau Judo Association and Macau Tennis Association were greatly valued in the successful holding of the event.