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2016 / NO.4
2016 / NO.4
Autumn cycling tour in Conghua and Zengcheng in Guangzhou City

The "2016 Cycling Tour – Macau to Conghua to Zengcheng" organized by the Cycling General Association of Macau, China and sponsored by the Sports Bureau was held on November 12 and 13. During the tour, the participants cycled on nearly 50 km of trails of the Lihuahe Greenway in Conghua and Zengcheng Greenway to enjoy the lush natural scenery and the fun of riding. Many parents participated in the activities with their children for the joy of parent-child sports.

In addition to developing competitive cycling sports, the Cycling General Association organizes spring cycling tours since 2013 and now adds autumn cycling activities, hoping to develop young people's interest in cycling and promote sport for all through various types of cycling activities.

The two-day cycling tour covered Conghua and Zengcheng. On the first day, the riders travelled across 30 km of Lihuahe Greenway in Conghua and on the second day they rode for 18 km at the Zengcheng Greenway in the morning and arrived at Macau in the afternoon.