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2016 / NO.4
2016 / NO.4
Two thousand people participated in Autumn Hiking Recreation

The activity of "2016 Autumn Hiking Recreation" organized by the Sports Bureau was held on October 30 at Hac Sa Reservoir Country Park, attracting around 2,000 participants.

Persistent Promotion of Lifelong Sports

Participants of the activity started out from Hac Sa Reservoir Country Park and returned to the starting point via the Family Walk and the Fitness Trail. The around 3.5 km long journey took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. A stall was set up at the starting point for physical monitoring purpose. Fitness games and entertaining performances were also offered. By all these means, the organizer aimed at promoting the mass health campaign to attract more people to take an active part in exercises beneficial to physical and mental health, thus, to develop a "life-long participation in sports" mode of life, and to further develop the comprehensive functions and the social effects of sports to enrich sports and cultural life of the society.

The Opening Ceremony of the event was presided over by President Pun Weng Kun, Vice-Presidents Lau Cho Un and Lam Lin Kio of the Sports Bureau, Un Hoi Cheng, Department Head of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau as well as by the Sports Committee members. The officiating guests personally joined the participants in the hiking to enjoy the fine weather of autumn.