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2013 / NO.4
2013 / NO.4
Equipment Renewal of Olympics Sports Centre - Aquatic Centre

Olympics Sports Centre - Aquatic Centre is currently a standard international competition venue recognized by the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), which mainly opens to daily team trainings and competitions for sports associations, and to the general public during off peak hours. In order to meet the new FINA standards required and to enhance the overall effectiveness for team trainings, the Macao Sport Development Board orderly renewed the equipment of the venue in recent years. Following by the renewal of the springboards last year, the Board also changed the diving boards and electronic timing & scoring system in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the model approved by FINA; and to continuously maintain the professional standard of the facilities, relevant LED display accessories have also been updated.

To allow relevant technicians to be familiar with and understand the equipment renewal and its operation, certain training course are arranged in the Aquatic Centre for the Swimming Association of Macao China and related operators of the venue. The courses were conducted by the technician from the Sports Information Center of the State General Administration of Sport, and the features and operation of the new system were introduced to the participants, which included the introduction of the equipment renewal and the connectivity of the electronic scoring system for swimming / diving / synchronized swimming / water polo and the use of its related system software, on-site demonstrations and trainings for participants were also conducted to ensure the proper use of the system.

In addition to provide team players with the most-closely international standard competition conditions by relevant equipment renewal, the Board also hopes to enable athletes to be comfortable and make use of the various equipment through daily trainings so as to strengthen their adaptability to compete abroad and to reach the desired level.