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2013 / NO.2
2013 / NO.2
Public Sports Facilities Network Extends its Electronic Payment System

Since the “Public Sports Facilities Network” was launched in 2006, the Macao Sport Development Board has actively sought available spaces to build more sports facilities and continuously optimized the “Public Sports Facilities Network” services in order to provide the community with more options on individual’s booking of sports facilities.

With the aim of encouraging more people to participate in physical exercises, the Macao Sport Development Board has been continuously simplifying venue booking procedures in various ways for the convenience of the public to improve their health quality by taking part in sports activities. To implement this, the Board has added the “Electronic Payment System” respectively in the table tennis room at the lobby of the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, and the badminton area of the Olympic Sports Center for diversified services on a trial basis since last year. After the first phase of the trial period was completed, the electronic payment system has been expanded to its second phase respectively at the Barbosa Sports Centre and the Aquatic Centre as well as the Bowling Center of the Olympic Sports Center. Altogether with the two venues in the first phase, the Board currently has a total of five sport facilities providing relevant services to the public in which the exercisers can make their payment via a more convenient way.

The Board shall continue to optimize the operation of the Public Sports Facilities Network according to whatever practical, and may consider extending scope of the electronic payment system to other venues for the optimization of the service network and the convenience of the community, which helps to further promote long-term participation in sports to the public.