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2013 / NO.2
2013 / NO.2
2013 Family Sports Day

Aiming to encourage residents to keep fit and cultivate children’s interest in sports, the Macao Sport Development Board, in association with the General Union of Neighbourhood Associations, the Federation of Trade Unions and the Women’s General Association, organized the Family Sports Day for parents to bring along their kids and do exercises together. More than 2,600 people including some 470 teams participated in this year’s Family Sports Day held on June 23rd at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion.

According to participating children’s ages, winners could come up in three categories, namely Group A for seven- to ten-year-old children, Group B for four- to six-year-old children and Group C for those aged two- to three-year-old. All children and their families would compete to win the champion, runner-up, 3rd and 4th places as well as six other merit awards. Moreover, it was the very first time that the idea of “let’s get the three generations exercise together” was introduced into the event; hence the 2013 Family Sports Day not only serves as a platform for parents to strengthen the relationship with their children but also a day for families of all ages.

On-site game-booths were also set up and performances were arranged, which provided residents a good time of after-game entertainment. It could only be said that all participants had such a joyful Sunday with their families while you could even taste the air in the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, which was, the air of warmth and love.