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2013 / NO.2
2013 / NO.2
2013 Macao International Dragon Boat Races

Organized by the Macao Sport Development Board and the Macao Dragon Boat Association and collaborated with the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, the 2013 Macao International Dragon Boat Races was held on June 8th, 9th and 12th at the Nam Van Lake Nautical Center, to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

This year’s competition has Standard Dragon Boat Race Open and Women’s Categories, plus Standard Dragon Boat Invitational Race for university students, as well as Small Dragon Boat Race for competition classes of university, public entities, open and women. Participants of the International Races including Macao as the host, Indonesia as the defending champion and China Nanhai Jiujiang the title winner, plus teams from the Philippines, Singapore, San Francisco of the United States, Hong Kong, Tianjin and Guangxi of Mainland, in a total of some 135 teams.

After three days of competitions, the 2013 Macao International Dragon Boat Races successfully concluded with 48 teams fighting for the titles of the Open and Women’s Categories. The Indonesia National Team emerged as the winner in the Open Category, while China Nanhai Jiujiang was crowned champion in the Women’s Category.   

The Chief Executive, Mr.Chui Sai On, and other guests, attended the Open Finals on June 12th, and Mr. Chui presented trophies to the winners of the races.