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2013 / NO.2
2013 / NO.2
Editor’s Note

Spring leaving the advent of summer, lighted up the sports world of Macao. Drum beating, sound of gong, even the Nam Van Lake cannot take the overwhelming uprising, mirrored the awakening of our bright new land. The annual Macao International Dragon Boat Races was then brought on stage to cheer up our motherland, beheld the name of the very essence of our sports features and the tourists highlights. How about a glimpse of our colorful 2013 Asian Bowling Federation Tour Macao Leg held at the Cotai International Bowling Center? Believe in me, you don’t want to miss this fabulous page inside our Macao Sport.

World Challenge Day, a name you know better than me, again fleshed our record of participation and declared a victory over the opponent city; you just can’t help but reflect your memories. Big Hands to all governmental departments, institutions, businesses, associations, schools and social sectors from all walks of life!

Macao Sport Day for the Disabled in the Sport for All column, is my another recommendation to you. Through the activity, the organizers expected to promote the vision of Sports for All – “Let’s Exercise for a Better Health” to the disabled and their families to increase their interest in sports activities, also to disseminate the positive message of “a harmonious society, social integration of people with or without disabilities, life-long participation in sports”, which to arouse public awareness and understanding of the disabled and to encourage their active participation in social activities and joint contribution towards a harmonious and healthy society.

Water is undoubtedly vital to life. What if your body loses plenty of water and electrolytes after intense work or exercise? It may quickly lead to sport dehydration. How to tackle and solve the problem then? Tips on fluid replacement can be easily found in this issue’s Insight on Sport Science. Feast your eyes with me now!